County shows are popular across the UK. The term and/or concept may not be something those outside the UK are familiar with so this page is dedicated to breaking down everything you need to know about county shows.

County shows take place more often than not in the summer, or in the warmer months. The shows feature various competitions and the winners of these competitions are determined by different judges. The shows allow those who are part of the agricultural community to get together and to show off their crops, cattle, and overall their hard work. It is also a great opportunity for vendors to meet new clients and vice versa.

Shows and competitions vary from the best in the show for sheep, ploughing competitions and all the way to corn and crop competitions. Winners of each competition are awarded a prize that varies depending on the show and sometimes their score. These shows used to be traveling shows when they first came to fruition in the late 1960’s but then started to become annual events as local societies and groups picked up these events as regular and reoccurring events for their community.

Today, larger cities, towns and counties have their own shows, including the Cheshire Show, Devon County Show and Staffordshire show. Other, smaller and neighbouring communities group together to create one larger show including the Three Counties Show for example.

These shows take place across the entire country and are enjoyed fondly by locals and by visitors alike. You do not have to be a farmer, vendor or even an agricultural enthusiast to attend these shows. There is something for everyone and it is a great way to learn about the industry, enjoy some good food and a great summer outing for people of all ages, whether you are local or visiting.