Newbury is located within the western part of Berkshire in England. The town is small and quaint and known for its market and its historic town centre. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is its race track as well as being the headquarters of Vodafone and other software companies. The town is picturesque and has just under 70 thousand inhabitants.

The town was founded in the 11th century and as the name suggests, it was a “new borough”. The town has been known to have royal affiliation and ties but there is controversy and debate as to whether or not there was a castle. Cloth trade was historically the economic focal point of Newbury. This is where the tale of the Newbury Coat comes from, whereby there was a bet made regarding whether or not a wool suit could be produced in one day, starting with the wool fresh off of the sheep .

Beyond just being the home of cloth and impressive bets, there were two battles fought in Newbury during the English civil war. This disrupted the trade and cloth industry, thereby essentially causing an economic collapse. Today, the economy is focused more on software and less on cloth.

Geographically, Newbury has everything from rivers, to hills, to valleys. Though it is a small town, it draws people, visitors and tourists for the stunning geography, for horse races and to see the ruins and experience the history. The town is easily accessible by train, bus and car from larger surrounding cities. This makes it easy to get to if you’re looking to visit a localy rugby game, one of their agricultural festivals, a horse race or one of their other seasonal festivals in the arts/ music.

Newbury is a great place to live or visit, boasting schools, leisure, sport and location.